Professional personal trainer training

 Although more and more people are recognizing the need for personal trainer and  regular compensation through physical activity, stress at work, lack of deadlines and ultimately the lack of motivation lead to far too little movement.

 After your personal trainer training at the place where you chose to start in, you will create suitable offers to promote the general health of numerous people. Regardless of time and place, they offer a sports program that is precisely tailored to the customer. The activity that can be carried out in indoor or outdoor units with or without equipment, in the gym or at the customer's home is correspondingly versatile.

Learning modules and contents of our personal trainer training

Are you a sports enthusiast and would like to combine your hobby with your profession? A personal trainer training makes exactly this wish possible. During your training as a personal trainer, you will learn how you as a service provider can tailor the training to your customers with a lot of empathy and 1:1 support so that they gain quality of life and well-being. A profession as varied as that of a personal trainer requires a good education. Because only in this way, if you want to work as a fitness trainer, can you meet the comprehensive customer requirements later.

Professional personal trainer training

During the training, you will be taught the basic theoretical knowledge. But also the practice is not neglected. After all, you must be able to demonstrate the exercises authentically to your clients if you want to become a personal trainer. In addition, you will learn to take responsibility and get a feel for how to implement the individual wishes of your customers satisfactorily on the one hand and how to proceed in a goal-oriented and profitable manner on the other. 

Since you will learn to take on responsibility and analyze the market and current fitness trends during your period of training, it will later be easy for you to establish yourself as an independent company in the healthcare industry. Of course, this also includes a theoretical excursion into the rights and business plan of an entrepreneur.

The aim of the personal trainer training is to provide the participants with all the necessary key competencies from theory and practice that are important for the successful design of their future professional field.

In the area of personal trainers, you have two training options to choose from:

Personal Trainer B license

The B license course is the entry into the fitness industry and absolutely necessary to further your education as a personal trainer. Since different areas of health care and movement theory are taken up, the training is very interesting and versatile. Already at this level you will be taught important marketing strategies. Of course, you will also learn the right and competent way to deal with customers.

Master Personal Trainer

With the training to become a Master Personal Trainer you achieve the highest degree in personal training. After passing the exam, you will be very familiar with the fields of nutrition, sports medicine and training theory. Creating functional sports programs tailored to the customer is child's play. In this course, they  will familiarize you with the various devices and utensils as well as with the exercises that customers can perform with their own body alone. 

We teach you how to optimize the program creation even more precisely to the needs of your clients based on body measurements. The basic knowledge that you have already acquired with the B license will be deepened in this seminar. In addition, the acquisition of the Master's degree enables you to work as a Functional Trainer. This is not only about improving the strength and endurance of the client, but about looking at the body as a whole and training the entire musculoskeletal system for coordination and flexibility.

Duration of personal trainer training

During the day you have to take care of the family and the household or are otherwise professionally prevented? No problem, with an apprenticeship at the training center, you acquire a recognized degree! The personal trainer training has a modular structure:

Personal Trainer B license

With the Personal Trainer B license, the procedure is fixed. The total duration of the course is 180 teaching units on 6 weekends in 6 months. These lessons are divided as follows:

  • Acquisition of the Fitness Trainer C license: 60 lessons on 2 weekends in 2 months.
  • Acquisition of the fitness trainer B license: 60 lessons on 2 weekends in 2 months.
  • Module "Personal Training": 60 lessons on 2 weekends in 2 months.

Master Personal Trainer

Master Personal Trainer course includes  almost 300 teaching units on up to 10 weekends in 10 months and contains two additional modules in addition to the Personal Trainer B License Course. Here the order can be freely chosen.

  • Fitness Trainer A-License: 60 lessons on 2 weekends in 2 months
  • Functional Trainer: 60 lessons on 2 weekends in 2 months
  • Furthermore, you will also find an apprenticeship as a professional Personal Trainer wherever you are.

What requirements does the personal trainer training place on the candidates?

Our offer is school-independent for sports-ambitious secondary school students, technical high school students, high school graduates as well as sports and fitness clerks. We also welcome fitness trainers with an A-license who are looking for qualified practical training in the sports and health sector. But we are also the right partner for physiotherapists, sports scientists and sports and gymnastics teachers who want to build up a second pillar through a practice-oriented training as a personal coach. 

The be-all and end-all is the enthusiasm for sporting activity. In order to demonstrate the exercises accordingly and to pass the practical part of the exam at the end, you should be physically fit. In addition, you need motivational talent, because often people seek your help who want to change something in their lives, but who often lack the last incentive to really move more. Then it's up to you to overwhelm the infamous pig dog.

Your tasks as a personal trainer

With successful completion of the training, many doors on the job market are open to you. The areas of application of a personal trainer are as diverse as the training itself! Whether classic one-to-one with a client, group fitness in a company or daily courses in the club hotel or on the cruise ship, after the personal trainer training you work directly with your clients. It is also possible to work in a gym or look after competitive athletes and teams – you have the free choice.


Even in individual sports, team spirit is required. What would an athlete be without his personal trainer? Whether you accompany professional athletes on their way to the top after your training or provide recreational athletes with effective assistance on the way to an eventful healthier everyday life depends entirely on your preferences. However, one thing is certain: boredom does not come up in this varied profession! In any professional course you will acquire extensive background knowledge and the necessary competence to support your clients later with words and deeds.

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