The benefits of the cold shower: why and how to get started?

what is the benefits of the cold shower ? why and how to get started? Everyone appreciates the pleasure of a hot shower when the need arises. But the cold shower also offers real benefits for our body, discover them and let yourself be tempted!


Better blood circulation

Taking a cold shower is very beneficial blood circulation. The cold transmitted from the skin to the blood vessels and capillaries has the effect of retracting them and, by the same token, accelerating the circulation of blood. The body and its organs are thus better irrigated and therefore better supplied with oxygen and nutrients transported by the blood vessels and necessary for their proper functioning. This blood circulation stimulated by a cold shower also improves the well-being of people suffering from heavy legs and varicose veins caused by poor venous return.

A boosted immune system

The benefits of a cold shower are felt throughout the immune system. To fight against the cold of the shower that our body first considers as an external aggression, the body increases its production of T lymphocytes. These white blood cells, present in the blood, have the mission to help us defend ourselves against external attacks, including infections caused by viruses.

An anti-fatigue and pain-relieving effect

Cold is a natural factor in recovery after exercise and relief from pain. Who has never felt this beneficial effect of cold water on a bump, a bruise? A cold shower allows athletes to rest their battered muscle fibers after a workout: this is a practice known as cryotherapy.

An anti-stress and anti-depressant effect

Science has proven that the benefits of a cold shower act on mood. A few minutes under cold water are enough to create in the brain an electrical influx acting against the depressive state. Endorphins are secreted, and the anti-stress effect of these hormones provides a feeling of well-being.

To make the most of the relaxing benefits of a cold shower, Kinedo has designed Aquaglass, a hydromassage shower column that allows a toned and relaxing massage for a delicious moment of relaxation.

Better sleep

At the time of falling asleep, the human body must slightly lower its internal temperature for this falling asleep to be possible. So we all know this painful feeling, on hot nights, of not being able to sleep under the effect of the ambient heat. A cold shower taken in the evening before going to bed helps the body lower its temperature and therefore naturally promotes sleep, a result reinforced by the de-stressing virtues of a cold shower.

Note that a hot shower will produce the opposite effect of helping the body to warm up, which makes it more legitimate in the morning, during the awakening process.

The beauty of skin and hair

Finally, let's talk about the benefits of a cold shower for the skin and hair. Cold skin triggers a reflex reaction and tightens its pores ("goosebumps" is one of the visible manifestations). 

This phenomenon has the effect of making the skin firmer and smoother. As for the hair, it is composed of scales that also tighten under the effect of the cold water of the shower. The result: smoother, shinier and silkier hair!

how to take cold shower

You are convinced of the benefits of a cold shower but how should you practice it?

What temperature for a cold shower?

What is called a cold shower? The water temperature is estimated to be around 40°C for what is considered a hot shower by most people. For a so-called cold shower, the water does not exceed 20 ° C or even 15 ° C, and even less for the most resistant. Be careful, however, not to subject your body to too violent a shock: caution is advised, especially if you suffer from a pathology such as heart problems.

How to proceed?

The most prudent is to proceed in stages: apply the jet of cold water first on the parts of the body furthest from the heart (feet and legs) and then gradually go up to the bust. You can also start with a hot shower and then gradually lower the temperature.

How long and how often for an effective cold shower?

The beneficial effects of a cold shower are felt after 2 or 3 minutes. If the water is very cold, it is not advisable to extend the stay in the shower for more than ten minutes. The redness of the skin is a visible sign sufficient to notice the desired effect. As for frequency, as with any practice beneficial to the body, regularity is the key to success. We do not give up the cold shower even in winter because it boosts the immune defenses at this time of year conducive to the circulation of viruses.

It only remains for us to wish you good luck and good shower... cold, of course!

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