How to relieve a toothache naturally

How to relieve a toothache naturally? Toothache is one of the most intense ailments you can experience and it is a symptom that you need to pay attention to, as it can be a sign of something important. When you feel a toothache, you can't always see a specialist right away, which is why you need to take a few steps to relieve the pain until you are treated. If you don't want to resort to medication before you know what you have, gives you some home remedies to be able to relieve toothache naturally.



Advanced decay that affects the nerves of the tooth

  • An abscess in the molar
  • The exit of wisdom teeth
  • Pain in the ears or sinusitis
  • A damaged crown or dental appliance
  • Food stuck between the teeth that leads to inflammation and discomfort

If you suspect cavities, damaged braces or abscesses, you need to go to a specialist to treat it and relieve the ailments.


Gently run a little floss over the teeth that hurts. This is not strictly speaking a natural remedy, but it will help you eliminate any food residue between the teeth that may be the cause of pain and aches.

Cleaning the area removes the cause of food residue and will also relieve some inflammation of the area. 


Parsley has several components that help relieve pain, which is why it is used frequently to treat different ailments. Chewing a little parsley several times a day can help you relieve dental pain in a natural way.


When dental pain is due to an abscess or infection caused by a broken food stuck between the molars, salt is of great help because of its antiseptic power. Mix in half a glass of water a spoon of salt and make gargles after each meal. This will help you control a possible infection and decrease pain.


Another home remedy to relieve toothache are cloves They contain a substance called eugenol that works as an excellent sedative. You can apply a clove directly to the gum of the sore tooth for a few minutes, or add five cloves to a mouthwash that you will perform three times a day to relieve pain.


If you have no problem eating garlic, this home remedy is ideal. Apply a little fresh garlic recently chopped to the gum of the molar concerned or rub a clove of garlic directly if the pain allows it. Due to its allicin content, which has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, garlic will help you significantly relieve ailments.

Black tea 

Black tea is also a good ally to naturally relieve dental pain due to its tannic acid content, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that will help you reduce molar pain.

Directly apply a black tea bag that has been previously placed in hot water to release the theine. Do not place it too hot in your mouth, wait until it reaches room temperature. You can do this several times a day.

cooling the area of pain helps reduce pain. For this to apply a frozen compress externally, on the side of the mandible where the tooth pain is located, it can help you reduce inflammation and ailments. Do not forget to wrap the compress in a cloth to reduce the discomfort caused by contact with the cold.

frozen compress

Hydrogen peroxide in direct contact with the area is also a good home remedy to relieve toothache because it will eliminate the bacteria responsible for gum pain. To use it, make a mouthwash with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

It is important to remember that although these natural alternatives can temporarily relieve ailments, you should go to a specialist to find out what the causes of pain are and receive professional treatment if necessary.

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