What to eat if I can't chew

What to eat if I can't chew? Often, you cannot chew, because of a mouth operation or a visit to the dentist to have a tooth removed. This is when you wonder what foods to consume without increasing pain and which can be swallowed easily. That's why, we want to tell you what you can eat if you can't chew.

what to eat if i cant chew

Purees and creams

A good choice, to eat when we can not chew, is purees and creams. They are easy to swallow and do not hurt the mouth when eaten. In this way, you can opt for the classic purees, prepared with vegetables, but you can also add other types of foods such as dairy products (milk, cream) or protein (meat, fish, egg) to ensure you have a complete diet.

Soups and broths

In the same way, soups and broths are a good alternative to eat if you can not chew. These liquids should be warm and not too hot so as not to increase the sensation of pain, nor burn your mouth while swallowing. There are several types of broths. Thus, you can also opt for a consumed by adding an egg to the broth or add semolina.


At breakfast, snack or between meals, you can opt for juices to fill you up. Even if you can't chew, you can drink them without problems, using a straw if necessary.

We recommend that you choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare your juices. They will be much richer and nourishing. Here we give you some ideas:


Cold foods will do you good if you can't chew after a mouth operation or because you've had a tooth pulled out. Indeed, the cold will help relieve pain and decrease swelling. That's why ice cream is a good option. Always consume them in moderation as most are high in sugars.

Similarly, do not choose ice cream with pieces or coated with a layer of chocolate or cookie, for example, because you could not chew. We prefer ice cream and homemade ice cream. 

Soft foods

As your pain subsides, and if you start to feel better, even if you can't chew too much yet, you'll be able to incorporate soft foods into your diet. Thus, you can try to eat:

  • Yogurts or puddings
  • Cupcakes dipped in milk
  • Jelly
  • Creamy cheeses
  • Crumb bread
  • Crumbled chicken
This article is purely informative,  we do not have the capabilities to prescribe medical treatment or make diagnoses. We invite you to go to the doctor if you have genes or discomfort.

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