How should be the diet of an athlete?

 How should be the diet of an athlete?A person who constantly performs physical activity, leads a fitness life or practices sports should eat the healthiest way possible . But someone who is just starting with this lifestyle may not know how to adapt her diet to obtain the necessary nutrients for good performance, today we will give you some tips so that you know what you should eat if you practice sports.

To begin with, it is important that you go to a professional, in this way he will tell you if you have any vitamin or mineral deficit that you should treat, in addition to giving you a diet appropriate to your age and weight.

How should be the diet of an athlete

Now, what foods should you eat? We leave you a list of 6 foods that are considered essential to maintain good health and that your diet helps you stay firm in the exercise you are doing.

1) Fish

Fish is a main source of protein . They hardly have fat, what they do have are healthy fats and their digestion is simple. White fish such as whiting, hake, fresh skate or tuna are ideal to start integrating into your diet.

2) Cereals

Wholemeal bread and brown rice are the basis of a good athlete's diet . They are a very rich source of energy, they provide fiber which will also help you cleanse the body and regulate the rhythm of your metabolism. They are infallible.

3) Carne

The ideal ones for athletes are the white ones since they have better fat content , an example is chicken and turkey. They are meats with a high protein value that will help you quickly build muscle mass.

4) Vegetable and fruit

These are very important, key in a healthy diet and even more so in that of an athlete due to their high content of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants . Fruits help hydrate and recover the body after intense activity, where you are losing fluids. 

You should never miss the banana, the melon, the watermelon and the avocado since they are fundamental. Vegetables with more intense colors have a much higher contribution of vitamins to the body. A tip: that your food dishes always have many colors, so you make sure you are eating the greatest amount of nutrients.

5) Dairy

Skim milk, low-fat yogurts, low-fat cheeses and soy derivatives are foods with a lot of calcium and vitamin D, essential for bones , which they need to be strong and healthy. In addition, these foods help a lot in weight loss.

6) Eggs

This is a very important food to keep your muscles strong . They are a great source of protein and a perfect food to start working on your muscle mass. It is a great key in the diet of any athlete.

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