How to have the best buttocks?

How to have the best buttocks? You want to have firm and round buttocks but they are difficult to get. This happens because it is one of the most difficult areas to mold. This is because they are the largest muscle and where more fat tends to accumulate.

Next, you will read in this text all the exercises that will put you those round buttocks, toned and never fall again.

The buttocks are postural muscles that are located at the back of the pelvis, they are responsible for keeping the trunk upright and stabilizing the pelvis.

The best exercises to give volume and shape to your buttocks

three muscles exercises :

Gluteus minor: it is located below in the extreme lower part of the gluteus maximus, is responsible for giving it the characteristic rounded shape and intervenes in the abduction.

Gluteus medius: it is an abductor muscle, which also works internally, externally and also in rotation.

Gluteus maximus: refers to the largest muscle that gives the size to the buttock, is located at the upper end of the buttock, It is responsible for the extension and external rotation, although it also collaborates in abduction and adduction.

The best exercises to give volume and shape to your buttocks

Any exercise that involves bringing the leg back will be very useful to work the buttocks. Knee flexion combined with hip extension are ideal for toning the buttocks.

A workout at home with bilateral global exercises such as squats and deadlifts activate the muscle. In addition, unilateral support exercises such as strides, climbs to the bench, squat with one leg are excellent for activating the gluteus maximus and the middle.


By walking or running you burn fat calories and promote caloric deficit. You should also keep in mind that poor diet increases the size of the hips and buttocks due to lack of physical activity. This is because the fats in the area usually accumulate in these areas.

Walk daily between 10000 and 15000 steps. If you want you can walk more which is much better, you can also run or pedal.

Hip thrust

It is one of the little-known exercises but with greater activation of the buttocks. The hip thrust is able to activate more fiber than the squat and any type of exercise when exercising your buttocks.

We will show you 2 ways to do it:

With a bench attached to the wall to make sure it does not move, you sit in front of it and bend your knees so that raising your hips forms an angle of 90 degrees. You should put both legs at the width of the hip.

It rests the lower part of the scapula on the bench, without supporting the shoulders or lumbar, to perform this exercise safely.

Place a bar above the hips at the height of the pubis or so, below the hip bones. Subsequently, grab the bar with all 2 hands to prevent it from rolling. Finally extend the hip so that it forms a straight line, as long as you respect the natural curve of the spine.


It is one of the best exercises that are known to increase the size of the buttocks, there are different squat postures.

The squat is performed from the standing position, with the feet open at shoulder height and the tips a little out, down with the back straight and taking the butt out a little. Bend your knee to about 90 degrees.

Then return to the starting position, the arms if you wish you can extend them forward to help you in the process. Perform this movement 10 times in sessions of 5.

If you want to put more work to the buttocks area, open your legs more. Start doing the squat without weight and then add little by little to exert more pressure on the muscles to make them more effective.


  • The back always has to be straight when bending the hips.
  • The knees should not pass the height of the tips of the feet.
  • To increase the difficulty you can include weight, either with a dumbbell or elastic resistance bar.
  • Spend a few minutes a day, at least 5 minutes.
One variety is the sumo squat which is made equal to the traditional squat but changes the shape of the foot position; these should be placed a little wider legs than the width of the shoulders and placed at an angle of 45 °.

In the sumo squat, more emphasis is placed on the inner adductors of the thigh to tone.

Butt bridge

The started position is lying on your back with your legs bent and your feet resting on the floor. Start by lifting the pelvis, taking the buttocks off the ground until the body is aligned.


The aligned body should be kept in the correct position of the pelvis, trunk and shoulders, when going down do it gently.

Alternate strides:

Place yourself in a standing position, take a long step forward until the knee is behind and comes into contact with the ground. Then you return to the starting position and exchange your foot.


  • To perform this exercise, place yourself in a vertical plane, with your back straight down gently until your back knee hits the ground.
  • The knee of the front leg should not exceed the height of the foot. You can use dumbbells or weight by grabbing it with your hand to add a little difficulty.

Dead weight:

It is one of the best exercises to work the lower part of the buttocks, this routine can be done with weight or without it but the ideal is to use dumbbells or bars.

Stand in a standing position, stretch your legs slightly to the width of the shoulder, in the middle of the legs place some weights such as: a backpack, dumbbells, book, a bottle of water.

Start lowering your legs with your chest facing the front, stretching your hips a little back as if you were going to sit down and trying to go down with your back as straight as possible maintain this posture for about two seconds or more.

Then, with both hands at the same time, grab the object between your legs tightly and pull up. Do this movement using the strength of the legs and back, preventing our arms from participating in this movement.


  • Your back should always keep it straight.
  • Pull out your chest and don't slouch your shoulder forward.
  • During hip flexion, the knees should not exceed the height of the tip of the foot.

Alternate step-up (or uploads to the drawer)

To perform this exercise, place yourself in front of a higher surface, it can be a chair, a drawer, step of the stairs or a bench. To begin with, take off one leg from the ground and rest on the highest surface, then the leg that remains on the ground detach it to place it next to the other on the highest surface.

Finally, the return to the starting position will be the other way around, so that the last leg to climb will return to the ground and then the other will follow. The next repetition will start with the opposite leg to be able to alternate it.


Start on a low surface until you get the technique done well and then you can go a little higher.
At all times keep your back straight, the support leg you will have to place it at 90°, without the knee exceeding the tip of the foot.

Side stride:

Stand with your back straight facing the front and your feet resting on the ground to make the stride. Then move horizontally one of the legs, you can make this movement by sliding the leg on the ground or lifting it.

The leg you displace should be completely stretched while the support leg remains in a 90-degree flexion. To finish the stride, pick up the displaced leg returning to the starting position.


To have a better stability to do this exercise, place your arms facing the front.
The support leg should not exceed the tip of the foot.

Butt kick in quadrupedia:

To start, place yourself in a quadrupedia position with your abdomen firm, that is, with your knees and hands resting on the floor, place your hands open at shoulder height and straight knees just below your hips.

Start first with one leg keeping the knee bent 90 degrees and raising the leg that is at hip level. Then lower your knee until you touch the ground and repeat this movement.

Once you have completed the repetitions with one leg, switch and then repeat with the other leg.


  • The spine has to be straight, so that the body forms a line that goes from the shoulder to the hips.
  • Keep the shoulders down and separate from the ears, during exercise you must keep the stomach inward against the abdomen during its realization for more effective results.

Adduction side kick

To perform this exercise the initial position is lying on one side, with the legs completely extended on top of each other. Raise your leg from top to top about 45 to 60 degrees approximately.

Then, return to the starting position without letting it rest completely on the leg on which it is down. Repeat the exercise when you finish the repetitions do the same with the other side.


If you keep your leg elevated for 2 seconds, you will concentrate twice the strength work of your legs.
Another option is to use an elastic band, or a little weight on your top leg to increase the workload.

Burpees Exercises:

With this type of training you work practically all the muscle groups of the body, depending on its difficulty it consists of 5 to 7 steps. With the burpees you exercise the buttocks up to the shoulders through the biceps, triceps, quadriceps or the Core.

How a burpees is made correctly

To perform this training the initial position is stopped with the feet a little apart and the arms loose, to add more difficulty raise your arms above your shoulders.

Go down as if you were doing a squat with your abdomen firm, but instead rest your hands solidly on the ground.

Then, impĂșlse with both legs until you are in a position of flexion of trunk extended completely, if you want to remove the difficulty do it one by one leg.

Perform a flexion trying to keep the trunk straight, if you are not able you can skip this step.

Return to the squatting position, propelling yourself with your legs if you are not able to do it first with one leg and then with the other.

From this position stand up and take a jump to complement the burpees, if you want it to be easier avoid this jump.

Now, what you have to do is repeat it from the starting position. You can try to see how many you can do in 1 minute or you can also perform a couple of series.

Exercise jumping jacks

By performing this exercise you can work the muscles of the legs, back, buttocks and arms, the best you can do at home. To do it correctly you must first stretch the muscles of the legs and arms, in order to avoid injuries.

Place the back straight with the feet together and the arms to the sides bending the knees, then perform a small jump while in the air you take the legs beyond the height of the shoulders, the abdomen should be contracted.

While you are in moving your legs outward, raise your arms above your head, keep the tension and do not bend your knees too much.

Then, he returns to the ground with his feet apart at a distance beyond the height of his hips, then quickly puts his hands together. Return to the starting position with a jump and legs shoulder-width apart.

Mistakes you make when training your buttocks

You don't know how to activate the buttocks:
In our day to day we always forget to do exercises to activate them. Are you one of those who work 8 hours continuously the buttocks fall asleep? It is important to learn how to reactivate them and get away from this sedentary routine.

To do this, perform small exercises that can help you contract your muscles at any time of the day and in the comfort of your home, whether you are sitting, standing, in the kitchen.

Also, before starting your workout you can place an elastic band above the knees during the warm-up and take side steps.

You don't work the muscle until fatigue:

Light weight training and many repetitions may be less effective than doing fewer repetitions but with more weight.

To start you can do 8 to 10 repetitions of 4 to 5 sets of squats with bar or kettlebell weights. You can gradually increase the weight until you reach muscle fatigue at the end of these exercises.

That is, there will be a moment is that you feel the tiredness of muscle and believe that you can no longer exercise.

You are not performing the hip lifts with a bar:

Although, squats or lounges work the buttocks, it is the hip lifts or hip thurst that allow you to focus only on them.

It is advisable to do a routine with hip lifts with bar because they work for the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minorus. You should start doing the lifts without weights first and then gradually increase the load.

Not paying attention to your legs

For the buttocks to be very hard and defined, not only will it depend on the work on them, you also have to train the legs to strengthen and increase the best shape of the buttocks. Therefore, we recommend that you do squats with weight, with jump or jump to the drawer.

You haven't made the changes to your diet:

Even if you do the best exercises, they will not have the best results, if you do not eat healthily. That's why you have to eliminate ultra-processed foods. It also consumes protein that is essential to repair muscles.

You do too much exercise

Many people believe that doing more exercise will have a good body and spend many hours in the gym, but with this what you will achieve is to get tired. That way you can not concentrate well on the buttocks, since you do different types of exercises and do not focus on them.

Food to have perfect buttocks

To achieve the perfect curves and well-formed contours of your dream butt, it's important to use a combination of diet and exercise.

With that in mind, here are some key tips that can help you get the bulkier, more generous butt you've ever wanted:

First, focus on eating protein-rich foods, such as lean meats, legumes, nuts, and eggs. This will help you develop and tone your muscles, allowing you to have a firmer butt.
Also, be sure to incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet. These foods are full of nutrients and vitamins that support optimal muscle function of the gluteal muscles. Some of the best options are leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as antioxidant-rich berries like blueberries and raspberries.

Finally, don't forget to incorporate regular exercise into your routine. Exercises such as squats and lunges can help tone the buttocks while increasing blood flow to these tissues. In addition, cardio exercises such as running or swimming can increase endurance for long-lasting results.
With time and dedication, you too can have the butt of your dreams.


To conclude, perform the exercises with complete training that helps you strengthen the three muscles that make up the buttocks, in addition to working the abdomen, chest and legs area. The most important thing is that you do not do so many repetitions but that you put more weight on it.

The best exercises for the buttocks to have good results in principle is the walk between 10,000 and 15 thousand steps daily approximately. Another little known but very effective exercise is the Hip trust that works more fibers than any other. Then there are the squats in various versions, the burpees, strides, jump to the drawer, jumping jacks, among others.
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