Why flat shoes are better than cushioned

Why flat shoes are better than cushioned?Footwear , as in sports, is very important in the gym . This can help us both to avoid injuries, falls or tears, as well as allow you to execute movements and exercises in a more effective way.

Therefore, choosing the right footwear is important so that you can enter this world in a safe and efficient way.

We opt for the flat shoe instead of the cushioned one for a series of reasons. Read on to discover the reasons why flat shoes are the best option for training in the gym.

Why flat shoes are better than cushioned

Reasons why the flat shoe is the best option for the gym

When entering the world of training and muscle development there is much unknown. Normally, we get carried away by those shoes that have a “sportier” appearance, which are almost always running shoes .

The reality is that, in general, the best shoes for training in the gym are flat shoes, rather than cushioned shoes. In this post, from the hand of fitness4guru , we will show you why these shoes are ideal for you to train with better results, more comfortable and safer.

They give more stability

They may seem unsportsmanlike, or unsuitable for the gym, but flat shoes give you more stability , so that when you perform certain exercises you can do them in a better way, have greater safety and avoid injuries.

Best for weightlifting

According to an investigation by Dr. Alfredo Herrera Corzo, the best shoes to train weightlifting, and generate better results in terms of the purpose of training (such as building muscles and perfecting technique), is flat shoes.

The study carried out shows that flat shoes make the muscles work harder, and at the same time provide greater safety in training through stability. It is a common mistake to think otherwise.

Best for squats

As you may have already noticed, flat shoes are often better for certain exercises, such as deadlifts, weights, and the like. But they also help to perform squats and similar exercises dedicated to strengthening the lower body . This is because they provide greater comfort, stability and help to perform exercises for this part of the body.

Ideal for plyometric exercises

Plyometric exercises are those that specialize in quick and agile movements, these can be known as frog jumps, box jumps or lateral zigzag jumps. Specifically for these types of exercises, which require more stability between the foot/ground ratio, flat shoes are better. For this same reason, they are ideal shoes for highly mobile games that require stability and grip, such as futsal.

For these 5 reasons, in short, flat shoes are your best option for training in the gym.

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