The fruit diet

 The Hollywood diet is also called the Beverly Hills Diet, but again and especially the "fruit diet". This is the diet of stars who want to lose weight before a shoot. Based on a 6-week program, this diet would allow you to lose up to 10 kilos. Examples of menus, results, our opinion... Let's go behind the scenes of this method that is very popular in the United States.

The fruit diet

Principle of the Hollywood diet

The Hollywood diet food program was invented in the 80s by Judy Mazel, the author of the book "The Beverly Hills Diet", who had managed to lose a lot of weight thanks to this diet.

Also known as the "fruit diet", it mainly consists of consuming fruits, preferably exotic because of their "fat burning" virtues.

The Hollywood method recommends certain food associations in order to favor the work of digestive enzymes and to obtain fat melting and flat stomach:

  • The fruits are eaten alone, without being mixed with each other, and first in the day.
  • Proteins are consumed with proteins and fats.
  • Starchy foods and carbohydrates are consumed with other starchy foods and carbohydrates, and fats.

In short, we do not eat fruit, protein and starchy foods in the same meal.

Remember : the first week, or according to some versions the first 10 days, we eat exclusively fruit!

The fruit diet in practice



The first week, it is a fruit cure at all meals. We eat exclusively fruits, at will, respecting a delay of 2 hours between each consumption of a type of fruit: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, grapefruit, apples, red fruits. Only bananas are banned.

The 2Th week, we gradually reintroduce vegetables, bread, starchy foods, butter, to eat alone ("mono-meal"), 1 to 2 times a week.

The 3Th week, protein is reintroduced in "mono-meal", 1 to 2 times a week.

We start the "combined meals" protein-fat, starchy-fat, with vegetables and raw vegetables, a few times a week.

We consume a "normal meal" once a day, but always respecting the food associations, without mixing proteins and starches.

The fruit meal is still very present in the menus of the 3 phases: again 2 times a day during the last phase!

Effectiveness of the Hollywood Diet

The results on weight loss and slimming are fast and impressive: you can lose nearly 5 kilos in the first week with this fruit diet! But be careful, the weight lost is a loss of water, with muscle wasting because we do not consume enough protein.

The Beverly Hills Diet is a low-calorie and exclusionary diet, very restrictive, which leads to the decrease in basal metabolism, that is to say to the tendency of our body to store fat as soon as we resume a balanced diet. The Yo-Yo effect is inevitable: we then regain more weight than we have lost.

The effectiveness of the Hollywood diet is therefore not measured over time, unless you follow it over the long term, which is dangerous for health, if only because of the risks of TCA (eating disorders): anorexia nervosa in the first place.
Benefits of the fruit diet
It's a very simple program to follow: just fill your fridge with fruit. A fruit cure of a few days is interesting to detoxify the body and get rid of its toxins.

Disadvantages of this diet

The Hollywood diet is very dangerous to health. It leads to severe dietary deficiencies in calcium, protein, essential fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linolenic) and vitamins, which can lead to undernutrition. The large consumption of fruits (in excess) causes irritation of the intestine. The diet is completely unbalanced.

Our opinion

The fruit or Hollywood diet is a weight loss method that we do not recommend. Rather than a change in eating habits, it leads to eating disorders! The only idea to keep is the detoxifying fruit monodiet, to follow 3 days to settle between the changes of season summer / autumn and winter / spring.

To lose weight sustainably, it is better to adopt a balanced diet accompanied by regular sports activity. Our team of sports coaches is at your disposal to accompany you. 
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