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The-10-best-exercises -for-abs
sarah 21 March 2022
To have beautiful abs , it is imperative to take measures to modulate them. There are a large number of exercises to do the abdominals, and ...
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Professional personal trainer training
sarah 18 March 2022
 Although more and more people are recognizing the need for  personal trainer and  regular compensation through physical activity, stress a...
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The personal Trainer Training
sarah 14 March 2022
If you want to gain a foothold in the sports industry, training as a personal trainer is ideal for you. It gives you the opportunity to turn...
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 How do I become a personal trainer?
sarah 10 March 2022
In this article, you will learn how to become a personal trainer and what trainer licenses you need to do so. First and foremost, if you as...
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 Fitness equipment
sarah 08 March 2022
fitness equipment is very important factor to help you reach that shape you dream of, In gym or even in your home if you buy fitness equipm...
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Arm and pectoral strength training
sarah 03 March 2022
Arm strength training specially with   push-ups  is done primarily with dips or rear pump to develop the brachial triceps and have large arm...
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Personal trainer
sarah 01 March 2022
This service consists of preparing trainings focused on your objectives. Personal trainer will guide you along the fastest and safest route...
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Basic planning of bodybuilding training
sarah 03 February 2022
The basic planning of bodybuilding training is not a topic that should be considered unimportant. In fact, good planning is key to achievin...
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5 fitness myths no woman should believe
sarah 02 February 2022
The world of diets and exercise is a minefield of myths, misconceptions and big lies that distance people of both sexes from their goals, an...
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 How can I do hip thrust at home in a simple way?
sarah 01 February 2022
Hip thrust is one of the best exercises to develop the muscles of your buttocks. Learn how to perform hip thrust at home to benefit from th...
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 Training with kettlebells
sarah 27 January 2022
In the previous article, we made a presentation of what a kettlebell is , and what advantages its use has, also explaining several exercise...
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6 essential exercises to improve leg strength
sarah 26 January 2022
  Improving leg strength is essential not only to improve performance , whatever the sports discipline you practice, but also because it w...
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