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How should be the diet of an athlete?
sarah 06 June 2022
 How should be the diet of an athlete ?A person who constantly performs physical activity , leads a fitness life or practices sports should ...
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Why flat shoes are better than cushioned
sarah 02 June 2022
Why flat shoes are better than cushioned? Footwear , as in sports, is very important in the gym . This can help us both to avoid injuries, f...
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How to gain weight in a week?
sarah 10 May 2022
 How to gain weight in a week?   If you want to know how to gain weight fast you are in the right place. You may think that losing weight is...
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Food supplements for breastfeeding
sarah 26 April 2022
The composition of breast milk is unique, and each mother's milk is necessarily adapted to the needs of her baby in particular. It inclu...
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natural facial care
sarah 25 April 2022
The state of our face often reveals that of our inner well-being, such as red eyes, yellow complexion, drooping eyelids... And, even if our ...
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Feet and Hands care
sarah 20 April 2022
The well-being of our hands and feet is not to be taken lightly, even if we are often tempted to do so. Our hands are so-called "prehen...
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 Strengthen your hair naturally
sarah 19 April 2022
Hair loss or the situation of prematurely white hair may be due to hormonal imbalances or internal stress. The state of our hair is a refle...
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How to relieve a toothache naturally
sarah 16 April 2022
How to relieve a toothache naturally ? Toothache is one of the most intense ailments you can experience and it is a symptom that you need to...
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What to eat if I can't chew
sarah 15 April 2022
What to eat if I can't chew ? Often, you cannot chew, because of a mouth operation or a visit to the dentist to have a tooth removed. Th...
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The dangers of some toothpastes
sarah 13 April 2022
We pay more attention to the food we buy than to the hygiene products. Take the case of toothpaste: most commercially available toothpastes ...
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